smallBOS was established in 2015 to benefit other businesses. Initially, a family led business, the goal was to expand through the introduction of other members with the skills required to add value to our enterprise.

Businesses from a diverse range of sectors within the UK economy rely on smallBOS services. In working closely with our clients we have had the privilege of getting to know their story and understand their goals. This has enabled us to tailor our service provision to specifically meet the needs of each business. Our strength is in our willingness to invest in each individual uniquely and provide for their actual needs.

smallBOS is a response to the struggle of many small businesses, originally in our locality, to survive or graduate to the next level in a competitive market. Despite the reality that many of these small businesses produced viable products or provided much needed services, we discovered that they fell into one of four camps :

Pen and paper is how we have always done things here!
We do not want to compromise our great customer service
We do not have the resources to invest in computers and technology
We lack the means for employing the additional staff that larger companies have to give them the capacity to be more competitive

In response to customer feedback, the smallBOS model was developed. We were able to demonstrate the benefits of current technology over the use of pen and paper. Work practices were simplified and businesses enjoyed a more efficient and cost effective experience which in turn resulted in an enhanced customer experience.

We work hard in researching and sourcing apps and software that are affordable and compatible with most mobile phones, tablets and computers so as to eliminate the capital or financing requirement that is often necessary for business development. For those unable to employ additional skilled staff we provide an affordable range of highly versatile services.

In order to provide such a high quality comprehensive service we have availed of cloud services and positioned our existing operations in two strategic locations, counties Down and Fermanagh. This puts smallBos in a strong position to realistically accommodate clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our objective is to promote excellence in our clients’ businesses. To that end, we are always developing our business in order to provide the best of what is available. We invest in staff training and invite them to share ideas and initiatives. We work with the aim that your success in business is our success.

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